Trees only get one channel

When we get out into nature one thing becomes clear: nature is a fantastic experience, in all its variations. Nature is reality TV in its purest form.

A friend and I went walking yesterday in a hill-top park that holds our city’s water supply, suitably called Reservoir Park. It is an inspiring combination of urban function and natural environment.

The sun was strong and the late-summer leaves were deep green and working hard.  There was lichen on the tree trunks — the bumpy, mottled blue-green combination of algae and fungus — working hard in its own slow way to pull in the sun’s rays. And there were birds, somewhere — just out of sight — calling to each other.

A family walked by carrying bits of sticks. “We’re going to roast marshmallows!”, exclaimed the girl with a huge smile. The Dad smiled, and I could tell that making this effort was worth it. Another family tootled slowly by on bicycles, followed by a band of four boys, mostly on bikes. One of them was carrying a bike wheel, and another half-carried, half-pushed the bike itself. All four of them were grinning in the sunshine — together and being outside.

Not every day is a perfect sunny day, but with nature every day is real. You feel it and it touches you.

Trees only get one channel, and it’s pure reality TV. If you don’t subscribe to it these days you really should get out more.


Three trees line up to pull in their favorite TV channel. Urban candy-canes share the wind with grass and children.

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