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The Bakery of Life and Love


I came upon some images of heart-shaped cookies and a cookie-cutter image of a person with outstretched arms.

It reminds me that even though each of us is unique – with our own decisions and life journey – that we value the same good and basic ingredients: love, peace, freedom, harmony, joy, music and community.

And if you look past the fancy icing, sprinkles and the box we're in right now we are all humble, shortbread cookies.

While some people are in a happy place right now, many more are not. When you look at the cookie with the outstretched arms he is joyful, yet there are others around him, reaching out.

It is my hope that each of us finds new ways to bring joy and relief to people around us – so that, like heart-shaped cookies, we rise higher to fulfill good roles in the bakery of life and love.


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Thankful for the people

pumpkin_field_with_wagonThanksgiving weekend is one of my oldest and favorite memories. Occurring in the fall, its usual reason is the celebration of the harvest.

Thanksgiving arrives amidst fresh apples, orange leaves and and even more brightly orange pumpkins. The corn fields, tall from a busy summer of growing, are now laden and dense, ready for their harvest haircut. The fall is definitely a time of plenty.

So if you said that Thanksgiving is about turkey and pie you wouldn't find many people to argue with you, but you would definitely find people.

After a summer of going off on vacation, Thanksgiving is the time that brings us back together. No matter where we've gone, what we've done and what we've seen, Thanksgiving is a time to gather, and share.


Cousins, friends, parents, coworkers and siblings — people come to mind and come together for Thanksgiving.

We plan our get-togethers, and bring some food. Old friends, new friends — we invite and we gather.  We hug, we cook, we laugh and play — we're celebrating life together.

When the harvest comes there is lots to be thankful for — but not much more than what we can celebrate every day.

Share smiles, call people, get together and have a meal. The things we want are really the times we share. Be thankful for the people.

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Paleo-Plus: The caveman diet expands its hunting grounds

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10 ways to guarantee grumpiness

Make a big deal of everything. Sure, we all have things we really care about, but what do we gain by insisting it’s our way or it’s no way? Stress. It’s amazing how the tension evaporates from our shoulders when someone says, “I’m fine with that”, or “That could work.” Have the wrong pet, or… Continue Reading

You will be eating again soon

The finishing moment of many pleasant restaurant meals is having a fortune cookie. Dropped off with the cheque, fortune cookies are a final treat, and usually a source of optimistic wisdom. So it surprised me when I opened my fortune cookie to find this message: “You may be hungry soon: order a takeout now.” At… Continue Reading

Guess who’s not coming to dinner

Having dinner with friends at a nice restaurant is a wonderful event. You are with people you love, being served excellent food that arrives without any effort by you in the kitchen. The air is filled with laughter and storytelling, and time rolls backward as you reconnect with friends with youthful exuberance. I joined five… Continue Reading

Cookies make us kids again

There is one thing that can bring people of all ages and cultures to a shared smile: cookies. Our local deli-restaurant is a gathering place on Sundays, where family and friends get together. Everyone gets to order their own meal from the various counters so we tend to grab our trays and spread out when… Continue Reading