I have always enjoyed writing and expressing myself through words and images.

At the heart of writing is the honor of helping people hear about the wonderful role models in our community and beyond, who help the poor, share their skills in community, and travel across the world (or across the room) to improve people's lives.  That is great work!


My writing and editing finds homes in many places, including:

– Writing the blogs NeoPeopleism, Just a Bit Different, and Making More of Today.
– Editing material for various organizations.
– Developing websites, such as Londons Home Team, Pathfinders in the Marketplace, and Churches Together London.
– On Facebook, both on my Personal Facebook page, and on Facebook.com/NeoPeopleism.

At the heart of my writing is knowing the respect we need to share with each other, and the good efforts we need for making more of today.