It is always time for NeoPeopleism

In June 2012 I realized a deep and unsettling truth: that our financial and political systems treat people badly, including in wealthier countries. Almost 10 years later things are even worse for most people: there are many more billionaires and a lot more poverty.

When I heard words like NeoLiberalism and NeoConservatism I wondered, where is the word that means “People matter most”?

So I created the word NeoPeopleism. The meaning behind it was already there, and has been throughout history – from the first ancient circle of humans sitting around a fire. We have always known that caring for people and sharing prosperity are vital for stable and successful communities and societies.

We are now, unfortunately, experiencing a long time goal of #extremegreed: the rich paying no income or wealth taxes.

It is clear that denying people a fair wage and respect is increasing social tensions, including division, racism and nationalism. Healthy, respected and employed people spread compassion and inclusion, not violence and division.

Our whole society and world will benefit by the changes we can make.

So it's time for us all to be more active and purposeful in valuing people in our daily lives, businesses and political efforts.

To help with that, I invite you to explore my NeoPeopleism pages and postersLet's show that people matter most!