This is a place for you to find encouragement.

In our world of busy-ness, global events and ever-present communication, we need to reconnect with truths and joys that are timeless and freely available.

I've been a child in a small town and an adult in the city. I've worked for corporations and been self-employed. I've had children and recognize the eternal child within myself.

I've seen the pitfalls of focusing too much on tasks and not enough on people. I've felt the joy that sharing life can bring, with family, friends and people we just met.  I know what being kind can do for us, every day, and that trying hard together is our way forward.

I am optimistic — you will see that in my writing. I am very happy that you are here, and I have great hopes for all of us.

There are things to explore, and changes to make. There are new ideas to share, and challenges to face. We can't do life alone, so let's see what we can do together, trying hard and being kind – making more of today.




Rob Hueniken
Let’s write and share and change in peace”.

"We need to pursue kindness and creativity, confident our successes will outweigh our failures, even if they do not outnumber them."

~ Rob Hueniken