reading-together-in-love-rob-huenikenI grew up in a family where a camera was always active for trips, special family events and for capturing the beauty that any day can bring. My family has rows of photo albums from my Dad's youth to today. There are at least 100 albums. It is a family tradition.

I continue the love of photography and work on capturing the twin marvels of beauty and joy. I like both candid and posed photos, and think that everyone is beautiful when they smile. I like to think that my easy smile is contagious.

I always have a camera with me. For the past year it has been my Samsung Note 10 phone (which is the closest phone I've had to being a real camera). Before that it was the Sony R100 (the amazing pocket camera that thinks it is a DSLR).

Photography is a major part of my life, and I enjoy all facets of it, from taking photos, investigating new equipment, editing photos, creating special collections, and sharing my expertise with others.

Here are some of the areas I provide photos for:

• Stage performances
• Real estate
• Newspapers
• Websites
• Personal use, including Facebook profiles, friends and family


sunset-pond-rob-hueniken-1200  horses-at-sunset-rob-hueniken

foggy-sun-rob-hueniken  ducks-on-mantle-rob-hueniken