stage design 2016-apr-16 wedding Light and form are the building blocks of the visual experience. By using LED lighting, light-enhancing materials, and vignettes, our experiences are made multi-dimensional.

One of my favorite roles has been as the stage designer for an 1100 seat community church ( This is a very modern church, with Christian rock music, poignant dramas and uplifting messages. Most series last a month so my team got lots of opportunities to be creative, meshing lighting, draperies, signage and special pieces to enhance and illuminate the messages of love and peace.

It is a lot of fun designing for the stage, and very different in scale from my editing work. I get to sweep my arm across a great big space and say: “I see a swoop of color there!”


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A recent series is “Connected” which talks about how being part of community and sharing time with people is key to a good life. This is a photo of me with the original design in Photoshop, and the final version. Back lighting with colored LED lights will bring out some of the interesting overlapping and highlight the gear shapes.