The rabbit knows he’s delicious

We all have our weaknesses, and most of us know what they are.  We also have our strengths, and those are what we need to focus on sharing.

Sitting in the backyard with my friend we saw a rabbit. It was doing what rabbits spend a lot of time doing — sitting very still and sniffing the air.

“Do you think the rabbit knows it’s cute?” asked my friend.  “No,” I replied, “but the rabbit knows he’s delicious.”


From the moment a rabbit is born he is told that he would be a very tasty meal. He won’t become less tasty or desirable to predators — he will always be tasty, and one day he will be tasted and consumed.  Being a potential meal is a rabbit’s main weakness.

But rabbits also have great strengths. They are patient, and observant — they can sit quietly for a long time, watching and knowing what is going on around them. Rabbits eat grass and since they are often sitting in the grass they have most of what they need very close by — they aren’t fussy, they’re sensible. Rabbits are also camouflaged and blend into their surroundings — they don’t have to be noticed but we still notice them, because they are definitely cute.

And added to all of those strengths is the fact that rabbits are fast! When it’s action time there is no-one taking it more seriously than a rabbit. When it comes to getting from here to there the rabbit is getting the job done, and right now!

The rabbit knows he’s delicious, but he also knows his strengths.

You and I aren’t rabbits, though we can be cute. And unlike rabbits, we get to share a lot of our lives with others who have a broad range of strengths and skills.

There is a growing movement to focus on people’s strengths instead of their weaknesses, and I believe that has a lot of merit. When people care about each other and share their strengths, there is no job that can’t get done.

Let’s stop sitting in our patch of grass watching life. Let’s visit and talk and share our lives and our strengths.

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