Growing upward in the autumn

Each autumn a diaspora of children, young and getting older, spreads into schools and communities across the nation. As the parent of a university-aged daughter, I hold dearly my role in helping her grow from a teen to an adult.


Yesterday my wife and I helped our daughter move into her new home, using two cars to ensure there was enough room for all the furniture, clothes and fridge. There were many things to bring, but none as precious as the promise of new learnings and opportunities to share and grow.

It was a successful day of setting up that included me helping her put up photo frames and attach white water lily flowers to the walls. I wondered for a moment about what landlords think of 30 flowers stuck into the wall, but the final result was of beauty, joy and new creation. That is what we hope for in times of growth.

While spring and summer are the main growing months for crops, the autumn is the time for children. I cherish my daughter, and the moments I get to help her directly. I relish and respect the chance I get to help a child. Step by step, flower by flower, they becoming the people they are meant to be.

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