Poem – No Power Tonight

Here is my poem from the 2008 Waterloo writers’ anthology, “Words from Here”, ISBN 978-0-9682520-1-7.

It speaks to the surprising situation and feelings one can have about our busy world when we are forced to experience a time without power at night.

This poem might inspire further thoughts about how we spend our time, and whether we are truly happier being steeped in technology.

No Power Tonight

Tonight the power dimmed and went.
A popping sound then lights were spent.
The brightness of our pre-sleep home
Replaced by flashlights and a careful roam.

I peered outside and down the street.
The dark was wide and the quiet deep.
The only sound came as a voice
As neighbours talked about their choice,
Of having every night as dark,
To see the stars so clear and stark;
Or have the comfort of the glare
Where nighttime lights do fog the air.

But I knew soon the lights would start
So I walked back home through quiet dark
And tucked in bed like in times of old
When dark meant rest in night’s deep folds.

By Rob Hueniken


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