You too can be a Social Advocate

My love of community, fairness and shared prosperity came into focus in 2012, when I created NeoPeopleism.


Its tag line “People Matter Most” is a stand against the economic and political forces that created our Winner-take-all economy, and diminished the hopes and prosperity of people through extreme greed.

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By focusing on money instead of people, our business and political leaders have forgotten the value and eons-long traditions of community, caring and sharing.

They took widely-supported and positive economic and political systems (capitalism and democracy) and distorted them to cause this terrible period of financial inequality and power mongering.

For the past 3 years, most of my writing efforts have been to encourage everyone (richer or poorer, younger or older) to re-balance how our society, governments and economy function, through compassion and inclusive decision making. Everyone’s life, including those of the rich, can be more joyous, cooperative and meaningful (all within an improved system of socially-responsible capitalism).

As we saw in the US election of Barack Obama, and the support for Bernie Sanders, there is an rising and widespread hope for renewed political and business processes and conduct. It can happen soon.

rob-hueniken-20160513-I hope that you will add your voice to this time of positive change, and find ways in your own life to put people first.

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