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Some things that make life special

A better life in Barbie-land

One of the best-selling toys our culture has produced is the ever-pretty Barbie, by Mattel.  As the father of a former young daughter, I have experienced first-hand the playing, dressing and accessories that Barbie brings to our world. It was a positive time of fun as well as social exploration and learning. When my daughter… Continue Reading

No way to play a guitar

I love music, and I always have. It makes my body move and my spirit soar. I have many favorite songs and passages, and I can listen to them repeatedly — thrilling to the skill and nuance of the performers. My brain plays songs I’ve heard, like a tape recorder in my head.  But sometimes… Continue Reading

A Poem for Raking Leaves

My Twitter friend, Mike Todd (miketodd07), was out raking today, and sent this tweet: Raking leaves in the sunshine, listening to Owl City on the iPod, thinking about poetry. So I wrote this poem on Twitter: Leaves & sun, together, sounding crisp & smelling soft, like earth and summer memories, fallen but still remaining and… Continue Reading

Trees only get one channel

When we get out into nature one thing becomes clear: nature is a fantastic experience, in all its variations. Nature is reality TV in its purest form. A friend and I went walking yesterday in a hill-top park that holds our city’s water supply, suitably called Reservoir Park. It is an inspiring combination of urban… Continue Reading

Cookies make us kids again

There is one thing that can bring people of all ages and cultures to a shared smile: cookies. Our local deli-restaurant is a gathering place on Sundays, where family and friends get together. Everyone gets to order their own meal from the various counters so we tend to grab our trays and spread out when… Continue Reading