NeoPeopleism – Showing that people matter most

At the heart of our days are people. We work with them, live with them, and are helped by them. Both history and today are the combined results of people, building on our shared efforts, respect and love.

Yet so little of business decisions and media are focused on what is good for regular people. With such a strong focus on money and stuff, there isn't much time or bandwidth given to encouraging people and honoring people.

For the past half year I have been exploring how each of us can make a difference in our community and our world. That's right: each of us.

Because change isn't about just business leaders and politicians leading us — it's about everyonemaking decisions that put people first.

I encourage you to find ways in your personal life, work life, and free time, to put the focus back on people.

Slowly but surely we can help create a new world and a good future — where human dignity and cooperation are the starting point for every decision — where we rediscover the joy and satisfaction of sharing time, skills and prosperity.

Please check out my writing and art, and share them with friends, family and other decision makers in your life.

We need this change, and together we can make this change.

People matter most.

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