Occupy a Better Future

We are all part of our society – benefitting and struggling within the system we share. We might think of ourselves as isolated from the rest of the world, but our lives are entwined – connected to the world through our supply chain of food and materials, and to people around the world through our relationships and shared goals.

As powerful and important as any one person might be, they are supported by the efforts of others.

As humble and unknown as any of us might feel, we live together within the world, and our existence affects the world.

No matter where we are now, no matter what we or others know of our real potential, we all want a better future, and can help to create a better future – for ourselves, for our family, for our friends, for our community, and for our world.

A future where:

– We can each use our real skills and abilities, which might be different from those we use to live right now.
– There is a role for each of us that is valued and appreciated.
– There are more smiles and hugs.
– Everyone is safe, fed, clothed and healthy.
– Caring is recognized as both vital and possible, because we work on things we care about, with and for people we care about.
– Happiness is not marketed as being dependent on money or stuff.
– We can afford to be less greedy because we have things that mean more to us than stuff and money.
– There is more fun, more music and more treasured moments.
– We feel hope and optimism, because good things are happening around us and include us.
– We rediscover, every day, that people matter most, and we are included.

There are many bubbles of awareness popping up in our society. People are becoming dissatisfied by the short-term happiness of owning more stuff, and disillusioned by frequent economic problems. People who want to work can't find jobs, and people see important things – like freedom and a healthy planet – being disrespected and abused. Generations of people have been cajoled and bullied into thinking that our current type of economy and life style is the only possible way, and it's wearing down hard-working, good-hearted folks.

It's not just the Occupy movement that is expressing this – there are discussions within companies and coffee shops, at the kitchen table and amongst friends. Entire countries are being pushed past their financial abilities and reaching economic meltdown. People are questioning what is going on in their lives and in our world. It's a wide-spread feeling of yearning and discontent that flat screen TVs and shopping can no longer suppress.

No-one knows quite what to do about it. Yet. And that's okay.

Some of the best things take the longest, and take the greatest number of people to make it happen. There are a lot of people who want things to be better, who are starting to see the possibilities of a better future, and who recognize the power of being kind and trying hard. Like bubbles in water they are rising and merging to bring a breath of fresh air and hope.

There might be a lot of things to set right in our world, but there are a lot of people to get things done. Big changes can happen when many people make small changes – changes that actually make our lives better – that benefit everyone, even people who currently think that money is the key to happiness.

We can do it, together. Bubble by bubble.

Keep reminding yourself (and those around you) that happiness is not based on what money can buy for us, but on what our lives become when we're focused on sharing community, health, music and peace. Helping others is a great source of joy and progress, so find ways to make a difference in your life and neighborhood.

There is a paradigm shift going on, with changes happening in our attitudes and outlook. It is like when people learned that the Sun is the center of our solar system, not the Earth. Except this time it is people figuring out that people need to be the center of our lives, not money.

You can help change the world, a bit at a time. Start being a bubble of hope and caring. Spread the word: people matter. Let's see how changing things a bit today can help us all occupy a better future.

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