The leaf is proud when it does fall

While it is still summer and the leaves are green, I thought I would present a poem I wrote about The Leaf. It is a testament to the life span of leaves, and their group contribution to the success of the tree.

In many ways we are each a leaf of the tree of life and community.




The Leaf

Brown and wrinkled on the ground
The leaf is near its cycle round.
From spry, young bud it grew and spread
To fall down here and become dead.
But it was once a flag of spring
Harkening what life will bring.
And in the summer it did grow
Its shared green power it did show.
And in the autumn with dimming sun
It glowed in knowing what it’d done.
The tree was bigger, stronger, tall.
The leaf is proud when it does fall.

By Rob Hueniken


First published: Aug 31, 2009 @ 17:05
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