Hearing and saying “I appreciate you”


Our world depends on a lot of people getting things done. We all have our roles and our tasks, and every day has more than enough to do.

And swirling through our days are people. Some of them we see every day, like those we work with. Some people we only see for a minute, like those who help us in checkout lines or at a restaurant. Some we walk by and never share a word with.

But all of the people in our days are, in fact, real and caring people. And all of them, in some way, are sharing their lives with you.

We cannot know every person, or spend all of our days thanking each other.

But we can appreciate people, and let them know.

Showing appreciation usually starts with a smile or a greeting — letting the other person know we see them — and ends with thanking them.

What happens after that comes naturally. When people feel appreciated they are encouraged and they feel welcome. Their eyes sparkle a bit more, and they can handle tough moments a little more easily. They try hard and the work day goes more easily. They feel they are part of a special team — a loosely knit community of people who recognize the efforts of those around us, and who acknowledge that personally.

You like it when other people appreciate your efforts. Share the joy. Thank someone — many someones — every day.

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